Kelly KaT

*dreamer... Believer... eclectic creator
storyteller... aRtist.

i can not remember a time when aRt was not a part of my life

it is my way of sharing myself with the World,  telling my story to show others they Can... my Meraki

as a 55 year old woman i am embracing all that is Me... and challenging myself to stretch my boundaries.

i Love to travel

and quite often do it on my own, i have befriended myself at last!

going wonderous places like Portugal, India, Iceland and London and Paris…

so my work is drawing a significant influence from my adventuring.

what i am learning and seeing, how i am expanding is showing up in my aRt. 

there is a common thread in my pieces--- a blending of materials both old and new,

combining with a bit of Magik to create original and expressive bits of me.

it is from our broken places, our cracks... that light pours both out AND in.

it is from this place that my aRt is born to be shared with You.

my intention is to show you me... and hope you find a bit of You that was maybe lost.

that would be Happymaking indeed!


as i travel and create i post daily on these sights… sharing works in progress, travels and some of my writings.



Meraki (may-rah-kee)

-is doing something with Total Love and a Pure Soul. To leave a tiny piece of yourself in your creative work.



Kind and Truthful
a shortened version of my middle name
i use as a reminder for what i want my aRt to represent.


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