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this is the place where my Soul resides-
it is where my Soul is most Joyful
 it encompasses feelings & memories of the people, places and things that i Love most  
and where i find the greatest Peace
and strongest Alignment to myself….


that still sounds mystical, magikal
and perhaps confusing!
let’s call it …..
the space i show the world my aRt and Soul
and share much of my writing... and some travel

my intention is to share my life with you
mostly the Magik
and Happymaking
but also some of the crappy
and even the sadmaking
all these pieces parts make me who i am today
and it is important that You
know i am real
so You know there is Hope
and Healing for you too.

for a VERY long time i did not Believe it was possible for dreams to come True...